Katrina GleaveAs far back as I can remember I have always liked arranging and re-arranging my things, whether it was my toys, my pencils or my furniture. Trying to find the best way to sort my stuff has always been fun for me - crazy I know but what can I say!

Adding to my warped persona - I actually like moving! Yep moved 17 times in twenty plus years since finishing high school, from Coffs to Tassie to WA to QLD and finally back to Coffs. And I know there's another move around the corner. Can't wait!

I also love helping people. I was always helping friends to move or choose a new wall colour or give advice on furniture layout or cull their wardrobes - they trusted my opinions and I was honest with them. I'd visit with friends - very good friends who knew me well - and sort the papers on their kitchen bench or fold the laundry or tidy the kids toys because I knew it helped them and I couldn't help myself! I've also helped design budgets for friends who needed an outsiders perspective, rearranged the storeroom where I volunteered and tried to keep the office from becoming an obstacle course. And houses. I love houses. Getting the decor right. Making it feel like a haven from the outside world not a place you want to escape from. Designing them too. I have built 2 homes, the last of which I designed myself and it was the best feeling to see my ideas come to life.

I worked as an air traffic controller for 20 years doing shift work. In that time I held supervisory roles, wrote procedures, designed and developed courses and trained numerous people to obtain their air traffic control licence. Outside work I did volunteer work, played sport, spent time with family and friends, did courses ranging from interior decorating to belly dancing and 4wding along with all the "stuff" you have to do to live - groceries, washing, mowing the lawn, paying the bills, the list goes on.

In 2009 I felt that I needed a challenge and something that would combine my interests and passions - helping people, houses and creating order from chaos. I thought of all the friends I'd helped over the years and knew I could do the same things for other people. That's when Your Kaos Organised was born.

Since then I have combined my innate neatness gene, my time management experience, a love of houses and the desire to help others to help clients manage their time and paper, and create spaces that are functional and desirable and work for my clients. And I love it!!

Mid 2010 sees me back home in Coffs Harbour to finally spend some time with my family after being away so long. I'm looking forward to meeting and assisting the people of the region and hope I can help them organise their chaos, reduce their stress, manage their time and finally live the life they have always dreamt about.